Who are we, what do we do?

The Venture Capital Division of the UPC Energy Group.

We invest in Energy Technology, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, LOHAS(Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability), Water Resource Management, SaaS, and Financial Technologies.

We invest in businesses that complement and promote the Mission and Ideals of the UPC Group and its Principals.

We offer full service management, accounting, and tax support to our portfolio companies.


Our portfolio of trusted partnerships.

The UPC Team

Meet some of the key members from the team.

Principal Investor



Brian E. Caffyn

Chairman, UPC Capital Ventures

Portfolio Management

Accounting & Finance


John Wallington

Chief Operating Officer, UPC Capital Ventures

Financial Controller



Blanca M Hudson

Financial Controller, UPC Capital Ventures

Tax Management

Contracts & Compliance

Steven T. Levitt, CPA

Tax Manager & Financial Controller, UPC Capital Ventures

Financial Support

Strategy Analysis

Portfolio Management

Caleb Avery

Operating Partner, UPC Capital Ventures

Corporate Finance

Sales Operations

John Allen

CEO of Portfolio Holdings, UPC Capital Ventures

Revenue Marketing

Sales Operations

DJ Blough

Revenue Marketing Manager, UPC Capital Ventures

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