In accordance with the strategy of UPC Capital Partners to invest in sectors that compliment and promote the ideals of the UPC Group and its principals, UPC Capital Ventures has closed on several investments since inception. These include investments in Energy Technology, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability), Water resource management in both consumer and industrial sectors. Brief summaries of some of the portfolio investments are as follows:

There is an inextricable link between energy and water and the two cannot coexist without bearing associated costs that are often not fully appreciated.  Pure clean water is an extremely scarce resource and Llanllyr is one of the purest sources of this precious commodity on earth.  Steeped in history, pure spring water has been extracted on site in Llanllyr, Wales since in 1180.  The company was founded in 1999 by one of the family members who have owned and managed the site for over 300 years.  Learn More.

SunTech Drive delivers the most efficient off-grid nanogrid controllers on the market.  Their patent pending designs represent a dramatic departure from the large and costly legacy controllers of the past.  They replace legacy electromagnetic cores and windings with high speed digital switching silicon and adaptive firmware.  Not only does this result in controllers that are an order of magnitude smaller and lighter it also allow them to incorporate multiple system components into one integrated controller. Most compellingly, their nanogrid controllers require only one-third to one-half the solar PV capacity of legacy controllers to run any nanogrid scale load.  This represents a 40% or 50% reduction in total project cost for most solar pumping deployments.  This lower need for PV panel capacity makes solar a much more economically compelling and renewable alternative to diesel power. Learn More.

Nelumbo have developed a proprietary omniphobe nano-coating technology that repels oil and water. This coating forces water droplets to “jump” off the protected surface preventing the water droplets from settling, accumulating, or penetrating the surface. This reduces condensation/ ice build up and improves the operational and energy efficiency on various devices such as HVAC, heat exchangers, refridgeration equipment, transportation, etc. Nelumbo strives to provide radical, lasting technological improvement to the heating and cooling industry through introduction to the latest developments in advanced materials. Learn More.

WindESCO is a Boston based energy technology company that strives to both enhance the performance of Wind Turbine Generators (WTG’s) whilst at the same time reduce the load on critical functional components of the WTG such as gear boxes.  Founded in 2014 by one of the former technology managers at First Wind (now SunEdison), WindESCo is developing complex algorithms to allow WTGs to communicate more effectively in an array and therefore function in a significantly enhanced manner and perform more efficiently in irregular wind environments.  A combination of which will provide increased long term production revenues and reduced damage and wear.  Learn More.

UPC has provided early seed stage funding to Canadian based company Plastics for Change, a company on a mission to change the social and environmental impact of Plastic. They have developed a platform designed to make it profitable for companies to transition away from virgin plastic and start sourcing recycled. Every one ton of virgin plastic that is offset by recycled plastic saves approximately two-three tons of Co2.  Learn More.


The principal investors in UPC are the majority investors in a holding company entity named XS Holdings BV, which in turn owns a stake in Apparent, Inc (formerly Xslent Energy Technologies, LLC).  Apparent is engaged in developing pioneering products, which are alternatives to transformers and inverters with initial application in the solar generation field.   Learn More.


UPC has provided critical growth financing to UK based LED company FONIX LED Ltd, a leader in the development of LED screens for promotional work, outdoor events, and innovative advertising solutions.  Utilizing latest LED technologies and flexible materials, FONIX are able to provide highly energy efficient advertising & promotional solutions for their customers across the world.  Learn More.


 UPC has made a strategic investment in ADOMANI, an innovative company that provides complete zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicle solutions to school bus and medium to heavy-duty fleet operators.  By delivering value on the total cost of ownership, ADOMANI helps commercial vehicles run clean and save green.  Learn More.